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Sampo – Rosenlew Comia C12
The C12 from the COMIA series, which features TS front cylinder technology, is the largest straw walker harvester available. The harvester has wide dividing surfaces and six straw walkers. A big grain tank with a capacity of 7,600 liters and rapid unloading at a rate of 100 l/s ensure efficiency. This harvester’s contemporary AVARA cab completes it and guarantees comfort throughout a long day of threshing. There is a 7,600-liter grain tank on the COMIA C12.

The grain tank lid must be raised for threshing, however, this is simply accomplished electrically from the cab. The unloading height is 4.4 meters, and the unloading speed is an astounding 100 l/s. Even with a broader cutting table, the unloading pipe’s length is enough. By depressing a button on the driving handle, it is simple to swing the long unloading pipe. The driving handle is also where unloading is initiated. A sizable grain tank glass makes it simple to watch the tank fill up. A strong LED light shines on the tank to highlight it. This way you can examine the grain quality also at night.

Deutz Fahr C9300
The legacy and future of the one and only DEUTZ-FAHR C9000 Series are built on more than a century of expertise, devoted clients, and top performance. For unmatched harvesting efficiency with all kinds of crops, these machines combine exceptional productivity with exceptional versatility, a beautiful design, remarkable comfort, and functionality. The C9000 Series is genuinely amazing with its potent engines, exceptional fuel efficiency, unbeatably low running costs, and straightforward maintenance. The high-performance cutter bars are built in a single piece for ideal weight distribution and stability, maximizing longevity and performance regardless of cutting width. The constant feed and product transmission is ensured by the large diameter feeder auger’s broad spirals and helically distributed auger fingers.

Rostselmash 785
One of the most effective rotor-type combine engines in the world, TORUM is the product of professional mechanical design that emphasizes dependability, simplicity, and ease of maintenance. TORUM can harvest more than 2000 hectares of various cultural types, yielding 40 tons of grain every hour and 300 tons per shift. Based on the innovative threshing system Advanced Rotor System (ARS). Three new features are part of ARS: step-less rotor drive, rotor with rotating deck, and beater inclined chamber. The crop is only threshed once each rotation in typical rotary combine designs because the concave is stationary and there is a “ᴅᴇᴀᴅ Zone” at the top of the concave that is prone to clogging.

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