Big and Powerful Machines You Have Probably Never Seen Before


PRINOTH Panther T16
Stay tuned to learn how Volvo has been utilizing 5G. We start with the Panther T16. It is a tracked carrier vehicle that can transport equipment into the most difficult terrain, including aerial devices, digger derricks, and other machinery. It continuously examines everything, from oil pressure to outside air temperature, thanks to cutting-edge microprocessor technology. This makes it easier for the operator to ᴍᴀɴoeuvre it deftly in locations with light ground pressure. The Tier 4 275hp (205kW) engine in the Prinoth T16 generates 927lb-ft (1,257Nm) of torque and updated safety measures, making it a dependable workhorse.

Stehr SUG-40T Grader
The leveling tool SUG 40 T is used. It can work with tractors and graders, and a joystick is used to proportionally operate all of its electronic capabilities. The operator may alter the blade’s 4m (13.1ft) breadth in a variety of ways from the cockpit thanks to its large frame. Additionally, a ripper unit for dirt ripping tasks has been combined with the blade. The hydraulic pump’s pressure and volume are automatically adjusted by its load sensing technology to suit the working environment.

Stehr Plate Compactor SBV 80 HE-SK
The SBV 80 H3-SK from Stehr. It is an equipment called a plate compactor that is used to construct and maintain gravel and forest roads. It adapts to the road profile by edge compression and lateral displacement. Its three robust plates provide a working breadth of 2.6m and exert an earth-moving force of 80kN (176lbf) (8.5ft). A practical and environmentally beneficial ᴍᴇᴛʜod of soil compaction is offered by the Stehr SBV. For ease of use, compressing measurement equipment have integrated displays for frequency, travel speed, and compaction status.


SCHWING Stetter 38 SX
Concrete is distributed to difficult construction sites using a truck-mounted concrete pump called the Stetter 38 SX. It provides more versatility for placing concrete because of its roll-fold construction and huge opening angles built into its flexible boom arm. It produces the same quantity of concrete with 15% fewer strokes in its 8.2 ft (2.50 m) long delivery cylinders. This machine has a horizontal reach of 32.6 m (35.7 yd) and a folding height of 7.4 m (7.4 yd) (8.1yd).

VOLVO 5G Remote Control Loader
On a jobsite, construction workers may encounter a variety of dangers. Volvo has created innovative technology that allows for remote work in order to reduce these hazards. The distance between the operational station and the site was ᴍᴀɴy miles. A ᴄʟᴏsᴇd 5G network was used in the test, and because of its low latency, operators were able to run loader operations in real time. Volvo will benefit from this test as it develops equipment for remote control applications in the future.

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