Behind the sᴄᴇɴᴇs with a flight attendant — Crew Meals


It takes more than just a smile to serve drinks as a flight attendant. They are in charge of the safety of the passengers and, naturally, they have more flying experience than any frequent traveller ever would. ᴍᴀɴy seasoned flight attendants responded, sharing some startling facts about their field and going behind-the-sᴄᴇɴᴇs at 38,000 feet.

If you’re an anxious flyer, you probably watch the flight attendant during turbulence for signs of panic to determine whether or not the plane will crash. However, if there are any problems, the captain and cabin crew will inform you, a crew member said.

One member of the cabin staff said that the pay for flight attendants only covered the time of the flight. We can put in a 13-hour day and receive only $5. Some of us wind up on awful trips that involve five flights that last an hour or so each. Since the aircraft door is open, all of the time we spend boarding, disembarking, etc. is unpaid. That would be an even longer day without pay if delays were added.

It’s possible that the blanket you’re sleeping on isn’t very clean. According to Quora user Tony Busko and former flight attendant Fatihah Sudewo, certain airlines reuse blankets and pillows on flights. Busko says the best course of action is to get a fresh blanket in a plastic bag.

Make sure it’s not tea or coffee if you want a drink. Your beverage’s water source likely comes from the water tank underneath the aircraft, which isn’t very clean. I honestly feel bad for those of us who enjoy coffee and hot water. I have never seen the tank under the plane where the water is stored being cleaned out. It could be wiser for you to continue with bottled water.

Most passengers may find the cuisine on airplanes to be disappointing, but Sudewo claims that the meals served to flight attendants are of higher quality. She claimed that there is “at least a trolley designated for the workers” with fresh fruit, bread rolls, desserts, drinks, and other goodies, even though the quality of the food varies each airline.

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