BCS 3 Wheel Reaper Binder Wheat Harvesting Solution: Amazing Agriculture Machine

Agriculture Machine

The three-wheel reaper binder mechanically ties the bundles after harvesting wheat, paddy, oat, and other grains. Almost 100% of the straw is collected, and all of the grain is recovered with the least amount of shattering ʟᴏsses when BCS reaper binder is used. Due to lower operating costs than hand harvesting, it not only saves time but also proves to be very cost-effective and profitable. Every hour, one acre is harvested while consuming one liter of fuel.

The BCS mower’s success can be attributed to the innovative design decision that made it adaptable for multiple uses. 622 becomes a genuine harvester when used with a reaper-binder attachment for crops that need to be mowed and tied into heaps or bundles. The single-cylinder, 10 HP Lombardini diesel engine powering the 622 reaper-binder has 4 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed.

The machine is best controlled on any type of ground thanks to the differential with lock and separate control brakes on the two wheels. There are two types of reaper-binders: Standard reaper-binder for cargo that can be raised no higher than 70 to 80 cm. Specialized reaper-binders have raised chassis so that crops with ground clearance higher than 80 cm can readily pass underneath the axle.

The cutter bar is available with regular fingers, low cut fingers, or mulching fingers to reduce clogging, particularly for common reeds. The cutting height is 140 cm. To drive the chopped crop toward the type attachment, the forks above the cutter bar move continuously and continuously. The binder is a genuine technical trick that BCS has patented: Once the heap is prepared, the wire cutting and tying of the cut product can be adjusted. Using a suitable spring, the latter’s diameter can be changed in three different positions.

Let’s see Amazing Agriculture Machine – BCS 3 Wheel Reaper Binder Wheat Harvesting Solution in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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