B-Axis 9-Axis Twin Spindle Mill/Turn Center Quicktech S-32 ATM

CNC machine

Compact mill/turn center for tiny, complex pieces, the QuickTECH S-32 ATM. To create complex products, it combines precision integral motor main and sub spindles for turning with a B-axis milling head and ATC. The sub-spindle uses a special 3-axis movement to move in the X-axis above and below the center line, out of the way of the B-axis milling spindle, reducing the physical size of the machine.

Meehanite iron was used in the casting of this high-production CNC turning center. This special bar processing center, which can handle 30mm bars, has full part machining capabilities, including all sophisticated milling operations. The S-32 ATM has a total of nine axes, two turning spindles, a B-axis milling spindle with a 24-tool auto tool change, and six fixed sub-spindle turning tools for a total tool capacity of thirty.

Turning Spindles
An inbuilt 5 HP high torque motor powers the main spindle. A 5 HP high torque integral spindle motor is installed in the sub-spindle for backworking. The 42mm collet chucks on the main and sub spindles can accommodate 30mm bars. Each of the 6000 RPM spindles has a complete continuous C-axis with braking. For quick and precise part transfer, the main and sub-spindles are synchronized. P4 high precision bearings are used in both spindles for stability and powerful cutting.

Tooling system
Both spindles are supported by a B-axis milling spindle. A 3 HP and 10,000 RPM spindle motor integrated into the B-axis is available. For rigid turning operations, a 24 tool arm type tool changer and HSK-40T tooling system are used. The spindle is secured in place by connection. The time it takes to switch tools is only 1.3 seconds. The B-axis has a 190° operating angle. The sub-spindle comes standard with six gang-type fixed turning tools, allowing for simultaneous machining operations. Standard tapping is rigid.

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