American Farming: How American Farmers Harvest Millions of Tons of Vegetables

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Visit the enormous vegetable farms in the US to learn about how millions of tons of veggies are grown and harvested. According to information made public by the United States Department of Agriculture, vegetable growing will be practiced there in 2021. There are 2.3 million hectares and 40.3 million tons of produce in the entire nation. Vegetables are being grown in the United States in more than 40 different types.

They include potatoes. The most common vegetable varieties include lettuce, tomatoes, and sweet corn. In the state of Arizona, we will first stop by a celery farm. Additionally, this Nursery annually provides fields in Arizona with roughly 167 million celery plants. On fields in Arizona, millions of celery plants are grown throughout the months of April and May. According to statistics, these workers will produce about 39 000 celery plants per acre. Celery will be grown on 35,000 acres in the United States in 2021, with California having the largest celery growing area at 28,000 acres.

On a farm in California, millions of celery plants will be cut and placed in plastic trays as part of the celery harvest. Every October, about 4 000 employees travel to California celery farms to harvest the crop. They work an average of eight hours per day for a wage of roughly $13 per hour. After being picked, celery plants at this farm are immediately washed, packed, and sent to the grocery stores. The US will produce 1.1 million tons of celery in 2021. The harvest of green beans in California takes place in August, as shown here at a farm growing them in Salinas City.

About 200,000 acres of green bean production will be planted in the US in 2021, with Wisconsin accounting for 20,000 of those acres. Florida With regard to size, Michigan and California are the largest. In 2021, this ᴍᴀɴ will pour them into boxes that weigh about 22 pounds each. The United States produces 929000 tons of green beans, with Wisconsin producing 37 percent of the country’s total. The third location in this video is a broccoli farm in California. Currently, 119 000 acres of land in California are used to grow broccoli, making up 90% of the nation’s total broccoli growing area.

When the millions of broccoli plants in this area are ready to be harvested, these workers will plant approximately 23 000 broccoli plants each acre. At the moment, all broccoli farms harvest their crops by hand. Millions of broccoli will be picked and packaged on the farm before being shipped to the grocery store in the United States in 2021 because there are no Harvesters compatible with this vegetable. About 2.1 billion pounds of broccoli are produced each year, with yields worth over 750 million dollars.

Next, we’ll visit onion farms in the US to learn more about how to grow and harvest billions of pounds of onions. Onion seeding typically takes place in enormous fields in Washington, California, and Oregon between mid-March and early April. Onion farming currently takes place on over 127 000 acres of farmland in the United States. From planting until harvest, there are roughly 115 days. On a farm in Idaho, this is how onions are grown. On most large-scale onion farms in the United States, harvesting begins at the beginning of August each year. This machine will harvest millions of onions.

Then, a vehicle will take them to the packing facility. In 2021, the United States will produce 3.9 million tons of onions, with a market worth of ᴄʟᴏsᴇ to $1 billion. On a farm in California, this is how onions are harvested. Millions of onions are ᴍᴀɴually sliced here, then bagged and transported to a facility. Here, the average wage for an employee harvesting onions is around $80 USD per day, and this is what’s happening at a coriander farm in Texas. The coriander will be chopped by dozens of these workers, who will then bundle it into little bundles before loading it onto trucks.

More than 5000 individuals are currently employed on a lettuce farm in Arizona each year. Currently, Arizona has about 54 000 acres of land utilized for growing lettuce, and the valley that this vegetable brings in each year is about 310 million dollars. Flock to the lettuce farms in Arizona to harvest.

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