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Sennebogen 640 HD Maschinef Abrik
The SENNEBOGEN 640 E duty cycle crane is especially suited for deᴍᴀɴding and dynamic applications and offers a wide choice of equipment options. Due to its robust design, the 40-tonne truck excels in specific civil engineering. Thanks to its multi-circuit hydraulic system and strong rotational drive, the rope excavator may be utilized in a variety of ways, whether it is used with a leader, rope grab, or hydraulic casing machine.

Fantini Broadcast
The extraction of ornamental stones requires careful cutting into large blocks since this ᴍᴇᴛʜod facilitates transportation and minimizes material waste. These remarkable saw machines, created by the Fantini Group, can be attached to tractors and used to cut stone in any direction with a razor-sharp blade that never stops working. In essence, these machines are quite useful.

TW Logstacker
The woodworking industry has traditionally favored the red 3126. It is designed to load and unload log bundles from trucks or piles efficiently. Its outstanding features include the capacity to carry two bundles simultaneously, a carrying capacity of 31 tons, and interchangeable modular grapples. Due to its ability to operate at temperatures ranging from minus 35 degrees Celsius in snow and ice to plus 40 degrees Celsius in tropical conditions, you can anticipate 8 000 operational hours each year.

Woodcracker Westtech
Forwarders, chippers, and excavators are just a few of the carrier vehicles that can accommodate the west tech woodcracker. A farm loader’s attached l splitter separates heavy trunks to facilitate shipment. It has highly strong useable timber and is exceptionally wear-resistant. The cost-benefit analysis is one of the features of the wood cracker. These come in a range of sizes for the proper carry vehicle.

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