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Brouwer RoboMax JD Automatic Sod Harvester
The RoboMax JD Sod Harvester from Brouwer is evidence of our dedication to your company’s success. This cutting-edge, single-operator Sod Harvester is easy to use. Even in delicate conditions, it can produce pallet after pallet of 16″, 23″, or 24″ tiny rolls. Four or five rolls of turf are gently transferred at a time by a straightforward robotic stacking system to forklift-accessible pallets positioned at the back. Additionally available is a double-sided pallet injector. The RoboMax JD Sod Harvester from Brouwer is superior and simple to use and maintain.

Dewulf GKIISL Carrot Harvester
With the help of Dewulf’s 2-row, trailed top lifting harvester with elevator, customers may harvest with a large capacity output even in challenging field circumstances. For lifting carrots, turnips, red beets, celeriac, etc., the pick-up component is equipped with teethed belts. The pick-up component makes sure that the pickup angle is exactly right and leads to a forced haulm separation unit. The “Floating Shares,” two separate harvesting pieces with independent topping knives, are special because they offer optimal stability even at high speeds. The share arms’ position is unaffected by little up-and-down movements of the pick-up element, ensuring optimum stability and producing better cutting results.

ASA-LIFT WR-365 3-bed onion windrower
Onion Wind Rowers and Harvesters are both made by Asa-Lift. Before windrowing, onions are efficiently topped with the OT series – Onion Topper. The Onion Toppers includes equipment for beds with lengths of 150, 180, 200, and 225 cm. The machines have three-point linkage and come in models that can be positioned in front or behind. The leaves are raised, sliced off at the top, then blown into the right wheel track by three sets of revolving knives. Four support wheels allow for hydraulic height adjustment. The tractor’s PTO shaft mechanically drives the equipment.

The WR series – Windrowing onions The Windrower series is a newly developed windrower that guarantees reliable operation, effective windrowing, and minimal operating expenses. The operating breadth of the onion windrowers ranges from 135 to 200 cm. The machines are equipped with a ᴍᴀɴually adjustable shaker and have two webs. The onion loaders in the SL series Both trailing and 3 point linkage machines are available in the onion loader range. A 3 point mounted onion loader with a 63 cm wide pick-up section is called the SL 63. A 63 cm wide elevator moves the onions from the pick-up area to the trailer. The Onion Loader is hydraulically powered and may be outfitted with a variety of accessories to best suit the environment.

Pik Rite 190 bell pepper harvester
With Pik Rite’s pepper harvester, you can depend on consistently receiving the greatest output from your bell, banana, jalapeño, and hot cherry pepper crops. The pepper harvester guarantees that your crops will recover to their full potential whether you put them in raised beds, on level ground, or on plastic. With its fully-functional discharge elevator that rises up to 11 feet, Pik Rite’s pepper harvester makes it simple to load boxes, dump carts, or semi trailers. Users of the Pik Rite pepper harvester have a variety of alternatives available to them, such as sɪᴄᴋle bar or disk header for single or double rows, a twin forced balancing shaker system, a rear cleaning table, and the Scott’s Evolution Separator.

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