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Pelton turbines are made to use water energy at high head (up to 1500 m) and low discharge, and they can have a vertical or horizontal shaft. Pelton turbines are impulse devices that use a water jet to contact and propel a Pelton runner to transform the potential energy of water into kinetic energy.

General description and our setup
Litostroj Power manufactures Pelton turbines in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Every configuration includes the primary inflow valve, a bifurcation that directs water to the jet nozzles, which then hurl a jet onto a bucket of a Pelton runner, where the kinetic energy of the jet is turned into the torque driving the runner. On each Pelton turbine, deflectors are utilized to direct the water flow away from the runner and toward the tailwater. Because Pelton turbines do not need a surge tank or other penstock safety mechanism, they are suitable for units with lengthy penstocks.

In the horizontal Pelton turbine, one or two runners may be mounted on the same shaft, and each runner may receive water from one to three nozzles. Francis turbines can be successfully replaced by vertical Pelton turbines, which feature four to six jet nozzles. Even with a large penstock, a Pelton turbine’s control system assures the unit’s steady running.

Most Pelton runners are made from a single disk, producing products of excellent quality. Where using larger units and when such technology is not feasible, the Pelton runner is bolted or welded. The unique management of each nozzle allows the Pelton turbine to operate at a wide range of discharges. Litostroj Power has installed or upgraded more than 80 Pelton turbines totaling 2,8 GW of power over the years.

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