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FAE Stone Crusher
The Italian fae group’s stc slash ssl Due of its small size, it is a stone crusher attachment made for skid steer loaders with 90 to 120 horsepower. It is appropriate for reclaiming agricultural land as well as gravel and dirt roads, driveways, curbs, landscaping, and smaller project sites. Its counter knives can be adjusted to change the size of the finished product, and its spiral rotor design offers consistent and effective crushing capacity. The amount of material leaving the crushing chamber can be adjusted by the hydraulic door in the back.

It is an underground truck with a nominal payload capacity of 63 tons and a dump body configuration range of 35.2 to 50 cubic yards. It now has higher torque and can carry 5% more weight than prior models. New upgrades help keep everyone who works in or ᴄʟᴏsᴇ to the machine safe, and a top-notch cap keeps operators secure and comfortable during their shift. Its cat c27 engine complies with EU stage 5 emissions regulations for greater air quality and cheaper operating costs, and because it is easy to maintain and constructed to last, it will last longer than earlier models and cost less to operate.

Ellefson Off-Highway
A Minnesota-based American corporation by the name of Ellison Off Highway. The business has been supplying machine parts for large-scale machinery for over 35 years. utilizing dual trailers, a prime mover, and heavy-duty wheel loaders, bulldozers, and dumpers. The location where the hull pack 229’s components will be changed is being transported. If you are unfamiliar with the term “hull pack,” it was used between 1953 and 1999 to refer to a range of off-road mining trucks ᴍᴀɴufactured by Komatsu.

The transport fleet of Mineral Resource Limited now features a lift mechanism that raises the trailer and prime mover by 1.7 meters. Workers will be able to reach every area of the trailers’ and prime mover’s undercarriage, allowing them to service the haulage fleet more effectively. It previously impossible to get important tools into and out of a pit, but they can now do so.

Let’s see Amazing Powerful Machines & Extreme Heavy-Duty Attachments in the amazing video below.

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