Amazing Powerful agriculture machines that on another level

Agriculture Machine

Robotti – an automated disk ripper
Kongskilde Industries unveiled a new autonomous agricultural platform for automated and partially automated task perforᴍᴀɴce in plant production at Agritechnica 2013 in Hannover. The Kongskilde Robotti can be fitted with mechanical row crop cleaning machines, ridging discs, and precision seeding instruments. The Frobomind software platform on a Conpleks Robotech 701 controller serves as the foundation for the Robotti controller. Kongsiklde Industries, the University of Southern Dᴇɴᴍᴀʀᴋ, and Conpleks Innovation worked together to build the Kongsiklde Robotti.

Vineyard pruning machine, vineyard vine trimmer
Provitis, a French ᴍᴀɴufacturer, is an expert in designing and producing viticulture equipment that can all be carried on one of their four multi-purpose carrying frames and controlled from a single control box. The Optima line, which was created especially for vineyard tractors, consists of a truck cleaner, a linkage mounted oil box unit, a vine tying machine, a vine trimmer, a pre pruner, a leaf remover, and a vine trimmer. Depending on the machines they want to employ, this range enables the customer to select a frame to carry a variety of the equipment. Customers can purchase a single machine from the Ocean range along with its coordinating frame. The ST 120 vine trimmer, LR350 leaf remover, MP 122 pre-pruner, and MPH 44 pruning machine are all part of this line.

Autonomous electric tractor – future of farming
The onboard artificial intelligence analyzes data like the day’s weather to decide what to do. Say there will be rain an hour from now. This is noted, and the X Tractor completes any harvesting chores that will be challenging due to rain. Due to its four-wheel crawler packing, which allows it to go through rough terrain and damp locations like rice terraces, it is also highly capable according to its design. Additionally, the machine has a variable operating height and a small turning radius thanks to in-wheel motors. In order to establish a happy ecology of autonomous machinery, the X tractor may share all the data it gathers with other connected machines on the farm. There are undoubtedly machines running the entire farm in Kubota’s future.

Automated apple harvester robot
This article suggests utilizing a robot arm to automatically recognize fruits and harvest them. Here, the position of fruit is detected using a highly quick and precise single shot multibox detector, and the three-dimensional position is detected using a stereo camera. The robot arm is moved to the location of the target fruit after using inverse kinematics to determine the angles of the joints at the detected position. After that, the fruit is harvested by the robot by rotating the hand axis. According to the experimental findings, more than 90% of the fruits were found. The robot could also gather fruit in 16 seconds.

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