Amazing Most Satisfying and Powerful Water Jet Machines and Tools in the World: Jet Wash


Cyber Wash
The Cyber Wash 360 Robotic Car Wash Center is located here. These robotic carwashes make it possible to wash vehicles without touching them. A robotic arm rotates 360 degrees to apply water and goods. applying a crystal wax coating to increase the luster of the paint. Water jets with high pressure enable deeper cleaning. This facility can wash 7 to 10 cars each hour. Wind cannons are used to dry things. provides a first repelling film and high gʟᴏss. I work with both difficult cleaning tasks and delicate surfaces.

tractor wash without touching it with Nerta Sky’s 64 solution. The sky we 64 is a concentrated foam that contains polishing nanomolecular elements. The paint lacquer’s minuscule holes are filled with the nano molecules, which produce a highly gʟᴏssy, dirt-repellent layer. Ideal product for cleaning vehicles and tractors thoroughly. The product must function like tractors and trucks after application. The product has to work for 20 minutes after being applied. Heavy dirt is softer by the soft alkaline prewash foam.

Scancak Muhendislik
For huge cars on construction sites, a powerful washer. 204 high-pressure jet wash nozzles are present. There are 60 side nozzles and 144 lower nozzles in total. It’s a rapid, powerful wash that simply attempts to get rid of heavy grime. The quickest ᴍᴇᴛʜod for cleaning mud off truck and tractor wheels. a system with automatic presence sensors and water reuse.

Pronano Cosmetics BV
Audi A4 being mopped up with pink Pronano foam. With this wash, sponges and towels won’t harm the car’s paint. After acting, a high-pressure water jet is used to eliminate the foam. From the bottom to the top, foam is removed. Right now, we can observe a stainless steel tank being washed. With the aid of a high-pressure foamer, the soap is applied. removing pollutants, grease, and dirt. Water at high pressure is applied as a brush or sponge. using pronano foam activator to remove iron stains.

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Video resource: Tantum Tech HD

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