Amazing Modern Farming Equipment – Amazing New Agricultural ᴍᴇᴛʜods and Tools

Agriculture Machine

AVR Group
In this image, the AVR CERES 400 planters are being used to plant potatoes. The hopper can hold up to 4 tons of potatoes. The potatoes are arranged in 4 rows, one after the other. The machine makes the beds ready, prepares the soil, plants the potatoes, and then leaves. The wheel moves 30 degrees in total from left to right. The planting rows can all be separated separately.

The Agrifac Exxact LightTraxx Beet Harvester is shown here. The operating area of its six-line pick-up head is three meters. The leaves and stems of the beets are separated with a defoliator. The leaves of the beet are still chopped. They are then excavated and harvested for the car’s interior. The harvest is transported to the upper reservoir via a drᴀᴡᴇr elevator mechanism. The telesᴄᴏᴘic arm moves the crop once the reservoir is full. working at a 20 km/h maximum.

Oobree Farms
The 72′ SM Fab lister bed builder is seen here. 24 beds may be made at once using its 22-meter collapsible bar. The soil is being prepared for the sowing of cotton in this image. With their 24 hooks, they break apart earth clods and bury roots and boulders in the soil. Planting in beds protects plants and allows for the drainage of extra irrigation. This 640-acre field is situated in West Texas.

OXBO International
The Oxbo 8840 Corn Harvester is shown here. The folding head has 16 harvest lines. a two-part system that, thanks to the suction fan for leaves, stems, and other waste, delivers the crop more cleanly. The crop is driven smoothly via the conveyor system. equipped with a peaceful, contemporary accommodation with sweeping views.

OCBO International
This harvester is an Oxbo 4334. the first self-propelled fusion in history. You drive away the collapsible collection heads from the cabin. This device controls and makes fᴏᴅᴅer collecting from the field easier. Its maximum working width is 9 meters. being able to change pickup directions without having to reroute the tractor. Smooth harvester feeding requires a windmill that is uniform and consistent. For a 3 meter road transport width, the head folds quickly.

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