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Agriculture Machine

The irrigation system in question is the Bauer Lonestar 9000. use a low-pressure, low-consumption system. The best option for watering over substantial rectangles. Plants and soil are not harmed by gentle irrigation. Strong, long-lasting, and appropriate for different field sizes.

The Amazone Catros 12003 Disc Grag Grid is seen here. Ideal for crops with flat surfaces and heavy mixing. 12-meter working width and Amazon reversible plow depth up installed. A plow is a tool used to turn the soil over and reveal the subsoil. Its unzipping is intended to promote the growth of plant roots. The working width of this plow can be mechanically adjusted from 38 to 50 cm.

Six-rotor Krone Swadro 2000 rake. The largest of the revolving rakes, it is known as the gigantic. A rake is a device used for gathering leaves and brushes. It can also be used to level and break up the soil after it has been excavated with a plow so that it becomes fine-grained. The six rotors each have a separate damping system.

This is a rice field furrow cutter made by Kyoritsu. produces a long-lasting, deep, stable groove. When it comes to flood irrigation, these grooves are crucial. Strategically placed furrows have been dug between the plantations. increased comfort for the operator and productivity.

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