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For the removal of a tree with a trunk diameter of at least 8 inches, experts advise contacting a trained arborist. To securely remove the tree if there are no arborists nearby, find a trustworthy tree service. Your neighborhood garden center, tree nursery, or university extension office may be able to provide direction and suggestions. The worldwide association of arboriculture advises people to be aware of those who go door-to-door and offer discounts for doing tree work. The majority of respectable businesses are too busy to do so.

The notion of getting three quotes is an excellent one. Request references, insurance documentation, professional credentials, and a written estimate. And despite its allure, the lowest offer isn’t always the best choice. You should look at the qualifications and the written requirements of the companies who submitted nids to find the optimum balance of cost for the task to be done, expertise, and professionalism.

Make it a deep cut that extends through the tree more than halfway. This notch’s mouth portion points in the direction in which you want your tree to fall. The tree will naturally desire to fall in that direction if it is primarily upright and has somewhat symmetrical branches. To help the tree fall in the desired direction, we connected a rope to the top of the tree. The Hᴜɢᴇ notch should be cut from the other side. The tree will begin to bend away from you as you approach the notch. Have the Oompa Loompas pull on the rope fastened to the tree’s top if it doesn’t or if it leans in the wrong direction and binds your saw blade.

Make your way to the side when it begins to lean since the tree’s trunk may rebound. Because branches can break and go wherever or because the tree’s top might drag soᴍᴇᴛʜing down with it, there isn’t really somewhere that is safe to be. If the notch wasn’t cut all the way through, you could have left a type of live hinge that would have prevented the tree from toppling over. A vine that was pulled by a tree as it fell ᴋɪʟʟed the father-in-law of my cousin. These kinds of issues constantly arise. This one is referred to as a “widowmaker” because after compressing a large trap’s spring, you now have to walk into it and saw through the trigger.

There is no ʀɪsᴋ-free route forward, so try my cousin Rod’s approach instead: Use the upper edge of the saw to cut up the tree from the bottom until it begins to sag. The sawdust is seen being shot forward in the picture. This cut is hazardous. If the saw jams, it may Kɪᴄᴋ back and change the way you look. When a favorable outcome is assured, saw downward from the top. You can cut a notch rather than a single cut if it appears like the saw might bind in the top.

Let’s watch amazing fastest sᴋɪʟʟ cutting big tree chainsaw machines, heavy biggest felling tree machine working in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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