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With the quickest band in the world, Norra Timber elevates the standard to clearly see the line. USNR band saws have been utilized by Sävar Sawmill for a very long time. In order to make room for cutting-edge equipment in a market that evolves swiftly, the old line, which ran at 65 meters per minute and had around 40 years of service left, was set to be retired. The ambitious goals of the new line included doubling speed and lowering kerfs while increasing recovery. To do this, every new development in sawing technology was incorporated into the project.

The design places two chipper canters upstream of the saws. In order to cut faster and produce less sawdust, this lowers the cut height of the first saw and gives it a square cant. Norra Timber chose not to replace the current resaw during the initial stage of the investment. The line’s bottleneck was quickly identified to be the slower resaw. As a result, a tri-band Log master HPS 1800 was installed in the summer of 2018, allowing the line to function at its full potential.

At first, the mill’s ambitious goal was to reduce the kerfs from three to two millimeters. It will take more testing before we can be certain, but it is definitely possible to produce kerfs of two millimeters with these saws. The new saws can currently operate at a maximum speed of 156 meters per minute. For a few shifts, we had been traveling at a speed of 150 meters per minute. No band saw has ever been known to operate at a speed of 150 meters per minute, according to our research.

Johan believes that building a new stacker will be the mill’s next development, and he hopes to have it operating by this year’s late fall. When these facilities are completed, we anticipate producing between 250,00 and 270,000 cubic meters per year. We are currently developing a second dry kiln.

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