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For the aircraft, medical equipment, automotive, die & mold, and precision equipment industries, the NTX 2500 2nd Generation is a versatile machine that enables high-precision, high-efficiency machining of complex-shaped workpieces. Equipment that operates from micro-fine machining to the machining of big workpieces has a large machining area and high cutting capabilities of turning centers and machining centers. Customers’ productivity can be increased by effectively integrating processes for high-volume, low-mix parts, and mass-production components.

A DMG/Mori NTX 2500 CNC turn/mill is the newest piece of capital equipment we’ve purchased. The innovative design enables simultaneous 5-axis machining on 6 sides using a turn and mill spindle. The low-to-medium size to operate lots typical of the aerospace/space/defense markets are the perfect fit for this piece of machinery. As lot sizes get smaller, the machine tackles the issues of flexibility. Our machine’s sᴋɪʟʟs are as follows:

Setup Reduction
Twin spindles, a turn/mill head, and an automatic tool changer are all features of the machine’s design, allowing the turn/mill head to serve both spindles simultaneously. It can operate five axes simultaneously as well. The part’s six sides are accessible to the machine. Because of its flexibility, fewer configurations are necessary, which lowers the accumulation of errors brought on by multiple setups.

Transfer the Workpiece between the two Spindles internally
Without the assistance of an operator, the DMG/Mori NTX 2500 can move the workpiece between two spindles. As the part is transformed, this ability helps maintain a home or zero references. This reduces the quantity of chucking and virtually eliminates tolerance stack up.

Tool Heads with rotary drive
The machining efficiency is substantially increased by incorporating a milling work-head into a turn-machine envelope. As a result, tolerance stack-up is eliminated and there is less need to shift the part from machine to machine.

5-Axis Simultaneous
Turn milling is the process of milling the curved surfaces while the workpiece is revolving around its center. Turn milling is frequently used to produce oddball forms or shapes that are significantly different from those created by traditional milling or turning operations. That is what the NTX 2500 can do.

Maintain Tighter Tolerance
Modern multi-axis/twin-spindle machines allow us to have more control over the whole machining process. We can create parts of greater quality with better tolerancing and finishes by lowering the number of setups, minimizing part movement, reducing the need for specialized fixturing, and minimizing operator intervention. You can cut expenses by raising efficiencies.

Total program management
We can manage the most demanding outsourcing program requirements when you combine our systems control and interrex machining experience. In terms of comprehensive logistical supply chain management, we have more than 20 years of experience. Our integrated Epicor ERP system and our qualified supply chain team provide the production technologies and operational procedures required for the success of our customers’ outsourcing programs. Our program management system is based on the idea that intersᴇx will take on the duty of managing ʀɪsᴋ, coordinating the supply chain, and implementing systems for quality and delivery to meet the specific needs and expectations of our clients on behalf of our partners.

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Video resource: DMG MORI

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