Amazing CNC Machine: Kimla Streamcut 5D 5 Axis Waterjet CNC Machine

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Cutting using waterjet is an inventive and harsh process. The most advanced cutting technology now in use is waterjet technology. Waterjet machines can cut practically any material, including soft metals like aluminum, brass, per, carbon steel, and stainless steel, as well as heat-resistant and hardened steels, ceramics, and cemented carbides. They can also cut harder materials like plastics, composites, rubber, and leather.

Among the toughest and most fragile materials used in industry include glass, stone, granite, marble, and ceramic tiles, all of which may be cut with a waterjet. Since the sliced materials can be up to 200 mm thick, most conventional cutting technologies cannot use them. Waterjet machines can cut Exᴛʀᴇᴍᴇʟʏ complex shapes and precise corners because of their Exᴛʀᴇᴍᴇʟʏ narrow cutting gaps—less than 1 mm.

The metal and stone industries are where these devices are most frequently utilized. Additionally, building materials like stair treads, window sills, kitchen or bathroom countertops, tombstone and monument pieces, etc. are cut using waterjets. The head can be tilted in the five-axis variant to enable cutting against an inclined wall. Five-axis Waterjets are utilized in the metal sector when chamfering is necessary for welding.
In contrast to cutting with wire, which necessitates entering the material from the outside, the stream of water is mixed with abrasive and may pierce through even the hardest materials from the inside. This allows it to cut the thing ᴄʟᴏsᴇd.

In the video below, you can see the Kimla Streamcut 5D 5 Axis Waterjet CNC Machine in action.

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