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The upper and lower X, Y, and z-axis turns produce the same upper and lower movement of the Trop T&L 30 to minus 11 sliding fixed automated lathe headstock. Both the X and z axes of a counter spindle are movable. Up to three tools can be used simultaneously and independently, and a front working attachment that is mounted on an extra cross slide that travels in the X and z axes allows for unrestricted tool positioning.

Machining time is reduced for components with a high drilling percentage. To prevent offset issues, the front working attachment incorporates CNC circular axes. By interpolating the rotary axis with the x and z axes of the main spindle, the front working attachment can also be used in the y direction to enable centering a drilling tool via the CNC controller for small items that cannot accept offsetting mistakes.

While two tools are operating the subsequent part at the main spindle, a workpiece gripper station can remove a workpiece from the counter spindle. The machine may be utilized for sliding or fixed headstock turning in less than 15 minutes thanks to the headstock secede travel. An NC rotary axis with internally meshing planetary gears regulates the tool turret indexing operation. Without a mechanical locking mechanism, the turret can be indexed to any position. The integration of trades into a single turret reduces non-machining time. The tool for the following work step can be accelerated to the necessary speed while one tool is in use and become fully operational after turret indexing.

Let’s see the video below to learn more about how the CNC 11 Axis Lathe Machining machine works.

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