Amazing agricultural heliᴄᴏᴘter – Dudar Spraying with an Aerospatiale SA-318C Alouette II

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In H, agricultural flight has a long history. Heaters arrived later, around 1970, after Hungarian Air Service started spraying with obsolete fixed-wing aircraft many years previously. Kamov Ka-26 heaters were widely used by the Air Service, but after 1989, they were sold to small firms. Kamovs got older with time, and finding replacement components got harder and harder. A few businesses made the decision to phase out the Kamov Ka-26 in favor of a more recent design about 2005. The Alouette II is their choice.

A fairly straightforward heliter is the Aerospatiale SA-318 C Alouette II. It boasts a strong engine, good flight qualities, and a fairly straightforward construction. The only drawback is that farming involves a lot of dust, which is harmful for jet turbine engines. In the video, an Alouette II that is typically spotted in Kaposvár, Toponár. It has been the hue of the Hungarian flag since 2010. The business has a track where the heliᴄᴏᴘter may land for dust protection. I started the day I recorded the film at Dudar, which is ᴄʟᴏsᴇ to Várpalota. A heliᴄᴏᴘter used to spray the sunflower field. This chemical guards against fungus on sunflowers.

Numerous businesses have chosen the Alouette II. French heliter Aerospatiale SA-318C Alouette II has a straightforward design, yet it is sturdy and has good flight qualities. His motor doesn’t like dust, so that’s his sole problem with agriculture, thus he’ll require a special landing pad. Near the video, the Alouette II location is in Toponár, which is ᴄʟᴏsᴇ to Kaposvár. Although it hasn’t been deployed, the company has a truck that the heliporter might land on to provide some dust protection. Since 2010, the heliter has worn the national flag of Hᴜɴɢᴀʀʏ, following in the footsteps of S. In the vicinity of Várpalota, in the Dudar area, sunflower orbs are liberally applied to the shooting.

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Video resource: KamovRider

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