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CNC machine

SMS Group
Using the Ostrava SMX 800 machine from SMS Group for forging and pressing. The toll’s maximum opening is 800mm. Maximum length forging is 18 meters. maximum ingot weight of 8 tons is supported. 130mm is a smaller final diameter. Our hydraulic redical forging machines were instantly appreciated by Vitkovice Hammering for their advantages. Because of this, the business requested an SMX800/18 MN from the SMS group. Nickel-based alloys, titanium alloys, special alloys, stainless steel, special steels, and tool steels are all forged by Vitkovice Hammering. In the maximum weight and dimensional categories, our customer effectively makes individual forgings with higher-strength materials. For billets with an 8t charge weight, the maximum production increase is realized. This billet weight is a first for radial forgings produced in the entire world.

Bolt nut.
ᴍᴀɴufacturing of hexagon screws. The machine for cutting and shaping has been strained by steel. Steel must be perfectly straight in order to achieve this. The hydraulic press uses impact to form the screw head. Make the head first, then cut it into a hexagon. then proceed to the threading device. The components are then prepared and tempered. Nearly every large and tiny object you see around us is held together by screws, nuts, and bolts.

In order to hold everything together, from a smartphone to doors and windows to cars and ships, no matter how small or large they are, they all require a fastener. Steel wire rods, often known as nuts and bolts, are used to make them. The wire rods go into a bath of sulphuric acid to remove any rust particles after spending hours in a furnace softening it enough to be worked, and then undergo various other procedures to mold into the desired form.

Zen Bearings
Zen Bearings produces ball bearings. The outer and inner rings are first cut and ground. Rings are measured precisely. choosing of spheres with care. fusion of the outer and inner rings. the spheres being inserted between the rings. Spheres are spaced properly. putting together the cages for the balls. Bearings finished with stuck cages. A radial ball bearing is a specific kind of precision bearing in which the load being transmitted acts radially to the shaft’s axis.

Because of their adaptability, they are the most well-liked and frequently utilized in industrial machinery applications. When radial ball bearings transfer loads from spinning components to the shafts and housing, they do so with a minimum of friction. Additionally, they have a narrow 8° contact angle, which lessens the tension brought on by the weight of the load they are bearing. In contrast to angular contact bearings, radial bearings don’t need to be purchased in sets and can accommodate axial loads in both directions.

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