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Case IH 4400 Narrow Row Corn Header
The Case IH corn heads are made to pick more down corn, harvest more quickly, conserve more grain, and pick it up cleaner. The corn heads have features that maximize your time in the field and the most recent advancements in harvest technology. Learn how the Case IH 4400 series corn heads pick more corn that is down and conserve more grain while doing so. Heavy-duty drives made for high-yielding corn hybrids and fast harvesting. superior stalk and residue dispersion and processing. ᴍᴀɴy Uɴɪqᴜᴇ features, such as the innovative corn saver louvers. For optimal grain savings, gathering chain and stalk roll speeds have been improved. More resilient poly dividers offer quick and simple access for cleaning and quick conversion from field to road.

MegaCutter™ Triple Disc Mower-Conditioner Machine
When creating chopped hay silage with excellent retained quality and a low power requirement, the MegaCutter Models 510 and 531 simple disc mowers provide the ideal mix of forage quality and power requirements. These straightforward mower models leave a uniformly wide swath of crop after cutting it fast, cleanly, and ᴄʟᴏsᴇly. With the non-conditioning MegaCutter models, up to 150 horsepower can cut over 30 acres per hour.

In order to save money, you cover more acres with less time and gasoline. Planting a strong stand and harvesting at peak quality and perfect moisture are the first steps in ensuring quality. The significance of efficient conditioning is obvious when you have hundreds of acres to mow before lunch and your business includes chopped silage, baling, wrapping, and even late-season dry hay. The extra-wide MegaCutter Models 512 and 533 disc mower-conditioners enable you to go on to the next field by providing faster crop drying necessary to quickly attain the ideal moisture level.

Brielmaier motor mower with Formula 1 Small car
The perforᴍᴀɴce of the area is improved, and your feet, knees, and hips are protected by the Formula 1 Small automobile. Even at a 90% grade, you feel secure and comfortable because to the attached Brielmaier spiky wheels and sprung swivel seat. Why operate with cumbersome 4-wheel harvesters when the Brielmaier motor mower is so much more effective, safe, and comfortable for the ground?

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