1941 Speedex Model B Antique Garden Tractor

Agriculture Machine

The tractor was just brought home and started. I once served as a draftsman in the engineering department at Speedex in Ravenna, Ohio. And this is the 1941 Speedex that is the most authentic and complete that I have seen in almost 40 years! That “Pond Garage” stencil is positively insane, in fact! Even though I don’t see many 1941 Speedexes, I’ve seen maybe a dozen while I’ve been here, and the majority of them are just being repaired rather than restored. Repowered, given new wheels, painted improperly, etc.

My best friend and I successfully RESTORED a 1941 Speedex Model B that he acquired from an uncle back in 1978 or ’79. When I assisted him in retrieving it, it was more complete than yours but in far worse shape. Both your right rear tire and your plow are original. Despite this, I believe that your front steering tie rod is a handcrafted replacement as I have never seen another one like it.

I really hope you’ve been able to find the carb or the other parts you’ll need to get it back to how it was, and most of all, I really hope you haven’t been wounded by this beast. You may already be aware that these machines have a high center of gravity, poor weight distribution, and one of the most awkward driving or operating positions you will ever experience. It’s best to just drive it gently around and brag to everyone about what a fantastic daredevil you are!

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