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This spectacular 16-row Vaderstad seeder with a liquid nitrogen tank to instantly supply the nitrogen solution during sowing is on the schedule for sowing corn in the Landes! One of the top businesses in the world for tillage, seeding, and planting, Väderstad, introduces the new Tempo L 16-24 Central Fill. By handling both seed and fertilizer in a bulk system, the world-record planter’s capacity is expanded even more. The high-speed precision planter Väderstad Tempo L holds the world record for planting 502.05 hectares of maize in 24 hours. This record was established in Hᴜɴɢᴀʀʏ in 2017.

Now that the Tempo L family is expanding, the new Tempo L central Fill has been developed. It has a central hopper for both seed and fertilizer. Due to the central fill capability, the farmer won’t need to fill seeds in each of the row units but rather just one sizable central hopper. The seeds and fertilizer will subsequently be distributed to each row unit by the world-record planting speed and accuracy of the Tempo planter.

The farmer may do more with the help of the Central Fill function, significantly boosting production and capacity. Depending on the model, the new Tempo L Central Fill will be offered with 16 or 24 rows, with row spacing options ranging from 450 to 762mm. The machine features a new hopper that can carry 2 200 liters of seeds and 5 000 liters of fertilizer, for a total of 7 200 liters, to match the high output.

Two front-mounted fans on the redesigned hopper on the Tempo L Central Fill ensure high-capacity metering of both seed and fertilizer. The Central Fill system’s technology is easy to operate. According to Mattias Convert, each row unit controls the number of seeds necessary to support its particular high-precision PowerShot seed metering system; there is no central motor used to distribute seeds. In February 2022, the new Tempo L 16-24 with Central Fill will make its debut at the Agritechnica international trade fair. By 2022’s end, the machine will be available.

In the video below, we see a 16-row Vaderstad seeder at work in the WWE sands of the Landes in F.

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